The New Age of Fanless Embedded Computers

Fanless embedded computers systems are becoming a popular option to power small and medium office applications. Embedded computer systems (ECS) are computer devices that are housed in a case, or enclosures. Unlike traditional computers, they contain their own processing engine and are very compact. They run much cooler, and with less noise. So, what are the benefits of fanless embedded computers?

Cost efficiency - fanless embedded computers are an economical choice because they use energy more efficiently than standalone desktops. The efficiency depends on the specifications of individual devices. Fanless embedded pcs are often as cost effective as their desktop alternatives. In addition, many designs have very low temperatures. This means that your cooling fan will not overheat and shut down while the system is working.

Speed - the speed of your computer depends on the type of processor inside it. Fanless embedded PCs use the same basic technology like a typical desktop PC does. They all use the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition or I7 32GB. This type of processor is extremely fast and allows for plenty of fast speeds, such as up to 3.4ghz. This saves you time because your computer doesn't have to stop to take a break!

Computer vision - standard computers only have a single logical input/output port, which makes them slower. Fanless models have two ports, allowing for two independent display outputs. This includes an LCD port for use with a computer monitor, and a USB port for connecting various peripheral devices like scanners, printers, cameras, and camcorders. With the integrated machine vision technology, the device can be programmed to switch between inputs, which can provide greater user control.

Portability - these devices are extremely compact, making it easy to take them with you anywhere. One example of this type of computer is the XOOM Stick. These devices are powered by the device's own battery, instead of a conventional adapter. You will also find that these types of computers are not limited in terms of memory size or storage. The USB port allows you to connect a large number of peripheral devices at the same time, without slowing down the computer itself.

The fact is, a lot of people are turning to fanless embedded systems today because of their sleek design and advanced technology. If you want a machine vision enabled embedded computer system, the XOOM Stick could be a great fit for you. It has been designed to work with all kinds of machines, providing superior performance and outstanding durability. XOOM Stick comes with a two-year warranty for superior quality and service. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here:

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